This is partly inspired by the first 18 posts of this series and partly by the Apple ad campaign called “shot on iPhone 6.”  I have an older iPhone, but if you ever get a message from me, you’ll see a note “sent by talking drum” instead of the default advertisement.  OK, I’m contrarian.  But all the shots in this post have been taken by my talking drum, and therefore of a different quality.


I need to carry a mini tripod for the talking drum (TD) camera . . . in lower light, although


this one is crisp.


I certainly need a tripod for a “pano” shot.


Sometimes you get a pano via composition.



A TD cam IS handy when you find yourself facing a once-in-a-lifetime perspective.


This bus has fascinated me for the past two weeks, so today, having carved out time to stop, I chatted with the owner . . . my age, who had the bus painted by graffiti artists in honor of his late son.  When the weather chills, he will cast off his lines and head south.



Final shot for this beautiful day . . . everyone takes these, an autofoto or a narcis  . .  read the comments.



All these reps by Will Van Dorp.