Wow!  When I typed “wall” into the search window, I came up with this somewhat silly post from 2007!  But one of the photos shows Barents Sea when I first saw her in the sixth boro.

What I was thinking with the word “wall” today is that the hull of a vessel walls out any info about the crew, the cargo, the human climate on board!  By looking at  this image of a section of the hull, you can tell what it carries, where it came from, its age .  .  I could go on.  Actually, all those patches notwithstanding, the vessel is four years old.  Anyhow, my point is


two thirds of the planet is inhabited by “worlds” walled off like this and more often moving throughout the latitudes and longitudes and climate zones and political regions and hot spots . . . .

and if you missed Ian Urbina’s articles recently in the NYTimes called “The Outlaw Ocean,”  check them out and the comments here.   I’m still stuffed with the food for thought presented there.

Photo by Will Van Dorp.