RVs, as in research vessels, have appeared here before, but since a blog evolves, I’ve not started out with this as a series.  Previous RVs featured here have included Sea Surveyor,  Kaho, Marcus G. Langseth, and Bold once and twice.   I’ve seen Time and Tide several times in the past month, although I’m not sure which of the e4sciences projects were involved.



Ashley Hutto recently sent along photos of a formidable RV–Atlantis (T-AGOR-25), which is host to


DSV Alvin, a submersible likely everyone has heard of–or at least of projects it has been associated with.   And . .  to repeat a phrase from the other day, I can’t confirm the identity of the person showing scale, but lucky him . . . to get an audience with Alvin!!  DSV?


Thanks to Ashley Hutto for the bottom two photos.

RV Atlantis shares a name with the first research vessel Woods Hole (WHOI) used, a Danish-built schooner, which is still afloat and living yet another life as Dr. Bernardo Houssay of the Argentinian Navy.

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