Here was part 1 of this story about the ill-fated Baltic Ace.

Jan Oosterboer took these photos in the Waalhaven portion of Rotterdam harbor.

0aaaa1verder slopen-0917

Tugboat Viking barged these parts to Waalhaven  on July 2.

0aaaa1VIKING, Waalhaven-0854

0aaaa2boeg BALTIC ACE-0834

Can you recognize the make of car?


0aaaa4schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-P1410872

0aaaa5schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-874

0aaaa6schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-0826

0aaaa7schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-P1410902

Click here to see this model out of the water but in workable condition.  The automobiles were Mitsubishi, 1414 of them.

Thanks to Jan Oosterboer for these photos, sent by Fred Trooster.