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Yes, I am a fan of the X-Files, and yes . . . submarines have appeared on this blog before, like this one in Coney Island Creek.  Or this one headed north in the Upper Bay.  Parts  of submarines have emerged on the blog like here and here.  There have been fleets awaiting disassembly like here.  But recently at a yard on the North Fork, I saw the object in the image below, which intrigued me.  Here are some pics and then after you’ve observed the evidence and drawn some conclusions, I’ll tell you what I’ve read.


Views from port side and


port bow.  Osprey nest is not part of the vessel.


Views from port stern,


even a bit farther astern,


and starboard bow.  Note the tripod and bracket mounted forward.

So what do you think?  What is your version of this story?

Here’s Corey Kilgannon’s NYTimes story from eight years ago.   Halfway through Kathleen Edgecomb’s The Day article you get a different version of the real history of the vessel.   But by the time T. E. McMorrow writes this East Hampton Star article in August 2014, a whole new version of sub and owner have emerged.

Actually I don’t know the real story, and certainly have no clue of its future, since according to this BBC article, the court has blocked sale of the sub.  Here’s the location of the real USS Deep Quest.   Here’s a followup Emma Fitzsimmons’ article from the December 1, 2014 NYTimes. And according to this McMorrow follow-up of a few weeks ago, the sub owner is now in a federal facility, and the sub, even if it had never been so previously, is now federal property.

And the feds, they may put it up for sale.  Want a toy with a “deep sea” history?   Did anyone catch photos of it traversing the sixth boro back in 2007?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.




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