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See the name clearer of the stern here than the bow?  See the distinctive tender?


Marie J. Turecamo, taken April 2015

This vessel with the unique davits and radar is not the same vessel.  And the woman in black with a bow in her hair at the stern, she is the namesake for both boats.  The gray, black, and white photos, complements of Russell Skeris, were taken in 1952, when this Marie J. was new.  Previously, Russell sent along the lead photo in this post here.


And here, the gent forward most on the bow is Barney Turecamo.  In the background is Jersey City.


I’m not sure what “platform” these shots were made from, the the landmass in the background here looks like Staten Island as seen from off Red Hook.


It turns out that the 1952 Marie J. Turecamo is now DonJon’s William E., and unfortunately I do NOT have a photo of William E.   Anyone help out here?  Here you see some shots from Birk’s site.


Marie J. Turecamo, built 1968, photo taken 2015. 

Many thanks to Russell for his photo and to Birk and crew for his informative site.   2015 photos by Will Van Dorp.

More gray tomorrow.

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