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Admittedly, what follows are probably the grainiest photos I’ve posted on tugster, but the context and content justify it, I think.

Click here for my occasional  series called “film tugs,” and although no tugs appear, these are screen grabs from video shot in 1975, at 3 minutes 56, 3:11, and 3:22, respectively, the video that follows.  I like the song, but I’d never seen the video until last night, when I needed a musical fix after drudgery.   The photo below is SS Stevens, in its dorm iteration.  Here from navsource are some much better pics.  Anyone have photos of her during scrapping?


Southbound, approaching the GW Bridge, this appears to be a small tanker, a la Mary Whalen and others.  There’s also a shot of this tanker right at the start of the video.


This one could be a Socony tanker a la Kristin Poling?


Now, if you are prepared to look at a 30-year-old Rod Stewart–retired footballer with bad makeup and hideous haircut–lip synching sheepishly–with glances alternatingly suggesting boredom and entrapment on a motorboat on the Hudson more than five years before MTV, which first aired in August 1981.   Give this harbor music a listen here.  Like I said, I like the song, but . . .

Anyone around in the sixth boro in 1975 recall what his “sailing” platform might have been?  Or can identify the tankers or other details in this 1975 video?

And while I’m thinking about music, here are some others . . .  Southern Cross and Sail Away.   What’s yours?


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