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A month ago, I posted some really random tugs here, including the one below in the mysterious Miami River.  Yesterday, thanks to Robert Cremer, the tug below was identified as LT-1970, a Higgins Industries October 1953-delivered tug once known as Okinawa.  Thanks much to Robert.  The photo below is taken by Allan Seymour.


The next set of photos comes from Mike Abegg, last North American captain of Half Moon, now not-yet arrived in Hoorn.


These photos were taken over near SUNY Maritime.  The tug tending the barges I thought would look this, but actually Moran has sold it to Norfolk Tug, and the photos below shows its current livery. Sorry if that sounds confusing.



And the following photos from Brunswick, GA,  come from Dirk van der Doe via Jan.

Here’s Ann Moran,

0aaaapp6Ann Moran

Peter G. Turecamo, and

0aaaapp8Peter G. Turecamo

Mary Loy Turecamo.

0aaaapp7Mary Loy Turecamo

And the final photo today comes from Rich Taylor.   La Dani (1981) illustrates what I enjoy about seeing tugboats from other ports in the watery parts of the world.  I’ve seen no US built tug that looks quite like this.  Here’s a page devoted to the Dunston portion of her builder.

0aaaapp12LA DANI St Maartens 020615 -  sc-2

Many thanks to Robert, Allan, Mike, Dirk, and Rich for photos and information in today’s post.

Get your Miami River rat hat here.

Check out bowsprite’s latest post here . . . yes it was five years ago.


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