Over six years ago, I did another asphalt post here.  Yesterday I was thrilled to get the following photos below from Jonathan Steinman of this unusual vessel on the middle portion of the East River.


Asphalt Sailor–a great name–turns out to have a set of siblings ranging from a lot more capacious to somewhat less so.  On names alone, I’d love to see Black Shark.   Given the cargo, I wonder if the deck feels warm.

That’s James Turecamo overtaking on the west side.  Here’s a hydrodynamics problem . . . is the greater amount of froth churned up by James due only to its greater speed, or is hull shape a factor?


For outatowners, that’s the 59th Street Bridge, and Asphalt Sailor is headed “south,” actually west.


Unrelated:  Here’s an East River ship photo I posted six years ago.  The conclusion then was that it was “doctored.”  Anyone new thinking on it?

Thanks again to Jonathan for these unusual photos.