Here’s the index to all the preceding posts in this series, and I’m grateful to all for sharing.

If you suffer from perfect photographic memory, then the ferry in the middle distance under the bridge will serve as a clue to the location of this shot;  it’s a water bus, an efficient conveyance of passengers along the waterways that make up the Rhine delta in greater Rotterdam.  You saw it here . . . scroll through to the sixth photo. The tug in the foreground is Broedertrouw 4.

0ay1BROEDERTROUW 4, in de NOORD, Alblasserdam-0524

Here’s Lekstroom V Broedertrouw 4 and a bow.

0ay2LEKSTROOM V en BROEDERTROUW 4, in de NOORD, Alblasserdam-0475

Tailing is Broedertrouw XIV.  And if you click here, you’ll see the same vessel towing what HAD BEEN the largest yacht to date built in the Netherlands, Symphony.  But in this series, you’ll see an unfinished project that promises to be 8.5 meters longer than Symphony . . . a full 360′ loa for this new project!

0ay3BROEDERTROUW XIV, in de NOORD, Alblasserdam-0483

the unnamed, project number 714 for now. Oceanco is the manufacturer, and here are many smaller yachts.

0ay4Jacht met Bouwnummer 714, Ablasserdam, de NOORD-0456-3

The yacht does not move me, although I’d love to tour the project as the different specialized craftsman complete the job.

0ay5Jacht met Bouwnummer 714, Ablasserdam, de NOORD-0501

I’d love, however to work on these inland tugs for a while.

0ay6 Jacht met Bouwnummer 714, Ablasserdam, de NOORD-0510

0ay7Jacht met Bouwnummer 714, Ablasserdam, de NOORD-0522

0ay8BROEDERTROUW XIV en BROEDERTROUW 4, inde NOORD, Alblasserdam-0528

0ay9Jacht met Bouwnummer 714, Ablasserdam, de NOORD-0531

Many thanks to Jan Oosterboer via Fred Trooster for these photos.