With a tip of the hat to Jonathan Steinman for the photo and everyone else for updates, here’s a screen capture I took moments ago.  The destination of the cargo was Charleston Charlestown Navy Yard Drydock 1.  For a photo showing the existing door . . . identical to the one that traversed the East River two days ago, click here.


Thanks all for your group sourcing efforts.  And greetings to the crew of tug Challenger. What is the life expectancy of a graving dock door?  Click here for a post I did in March 2011on the floating door to the dry dock in Bayonne.  Here’s more about the shipyard.  Also, the dry dock featured in this tugster post from almost two years ago . . . I think it’s no longer used.  ??

And for a closing photo, here’s a phonesnap from Steve Munoz from 48 hours ago, also taken with an intensely urban Manhattan context looking across half the East River toward Roosevelt Island.