Taken Feb 4 by Bjoern Kils . . . the spearhead.


Taken this morning by bowsprite, the onslaught of frazil ice.  Is that Amy C. McAllister pushing the Bouchard barge? Anyone guess the light tug in front of Ellis Island?


And taken yesterday by Allen Baker looking over the stern of Mediterranean Sea northward toward Albany, the state of the Hudson right now . . .


ditto all . . . here’s the view from the wheelhouse of Mediterranean Sea.


And as if by magic . . . some pics of the same unit by Allen from a remote vantage point . . . coming with


a sign of caution, unheeded


in this photo by Bob Dahringer of a coyote on ice up near Catskill.  According to Bob, “Stephen Reinauer was following us upriver, they said the poor thing fell into the water when they went by him, but he got himself out.”


And finally . . . from Ashley Hutto and taken on Monday this week . . . the NSFW belle of winter in the sixth boro. . .


Thanks to Bjoern, bowsprite, Allen, Bob, and Ashley for these reports on the ice.