Here was the post I put up the day 343 arrived in the sixth boro, brand spanking new.  And below was a photo I took a few cold days ago when it seemed to be on routine patrol.


Tony Acabono snapped the next two photos just before 0011 Saturday, and



Ashley Hutto got this one just after lunch.  Note the NYMediaboat is on the scene.


Here were some photos I got a few years ago of a land’s edge fire in a place where today there is no land.  Pier 17 is gone, for now.

Paperwork fueled the fire, it seems.

Thanks much to Tony and Ashley for these photos.  I took the first photo, where you can see the now-renovated Pier A.  To see some of the previous usages of this area, click here.   Right near there is also the dramatic Merchant Mariners Memorial by Marisol Escobar.