On predicted weather days, you might be looking at charts while passing the waking hours, waiting.  And you might see unusual names . . . like Cholera Bank, about 10 miles out from


Jones Inlet.  Why would someone name such a location after a plague gets explained here, and some statistics on numbers of deaths here.   Given that explanation, you might expect an Ebola Bank in the future . . . somewhere if not here.   But seeing


this odd name on the chart recalled other odd names like these:  Bald Porcupine Island and Ile d’Amour off Maine, Pot Island off Connecticut, and North Dumpling Island, NY.  Then there’s Ono  (Oh no!) Island, Alabama, and of course one of my all-time favorites . . . Galivants Ferry, South Carolina, which prompted this detour (scroll through) some years back.

Speaking of gallivants, a friend in Netherlands sent me this photo yesterday as we hunkered down as Storm Juno approached.  The photo below shows a convoy of tugs towing inland barges navigating a track through the Schie, a waterway in Rotterdam, a place I visited when I gallivanted there last May.


This is not exactly the same section of the Schie, but I’ve never shared these photos.



Nor this one of feeder container vessel called Temptation passing under the Erasmusbrug.   If you want to see a beautiful 14-minute video of a restored century-old Dutch sailing vessel traversing the canal system between Delft and Rotterdam  . . . ending up near the Schie . . . click here.


And since we are now many miles off our original course, what unusual or inexplicable charted or mapped names have you seen?  Please share some.

All photos, except for the black/white one and the bicycle one, by Will Van Dorp, who wonders who Jones was.