From over four years ago, here was the first post about this reserve fleet.  I’m excited about the discussion that has gone on in the comments.  I’m also hoping that this post generates more of you to search through your old family photos and post card collections . . . and share more photos of this ghost fleet.   Using the search term “Hudson River National Defense Fleet,” I got this collection of photos.

Many thanks to Allen Baker for sharing the photo below. Bob McLaren took the photo from the passenger steamer Alexander Hamilton going past the reserve fleet at Jones Point, circa 1962.


Here’s a photo of the fleet from a NYTimes its called “lively morgue.”

And Alexander Hamilton (scroll through here)  . . . whose charred bones–I understand–still lie in Raritan Bay . . . and all the other now gone passenger steamers on the Hudson, that’s a whole other topic I’d love to share photos about.   Click here for more photos of both the ghost fleet AND the Hamilton.

Again, thanks to Allen Baker for this photo;  here is one of many other photos Allen has shared.