Do you want to do the Great Loop, all 5000+ miles of it?  And you don’t have more than–say–a few days?  How about a few hours on a weekend when the weather’s inhospitable?  Now you can do it . . . and click on the photo below to see what it looks like to do the circumnavigation at warp speed . . .  from Sandy Hook to Liberty Landing in . ..  just over a minute.


That video of one of over a hundred now available on Youtube.  Try this one . ..  Liberty Landing to Croton Point Half Moon Bay in just over two minutes in the rain.  The videos were produced by ActiveCaptain. The vessel, a DeFever 53RPH Trawler,  below is the ActiveCaptain’s version of the google camera car.  Read Bob Stopper’s article on the project here.  Bob also took all the photos in this post.

01A Capella squeaked under Leach Road Bridge in Lyons on  Erie Canal


04A Capella at dock  in Lyons NY (1024x768)

05Karen and Jeff on board a Capella at Lyons dock  (1024x768)-2

03A Capella entering Lock 27 (1024x768)

Many thanks to Bob for info about these videos and these photos.