In case you think i’ve lost my way, I’m planning a 5d post on the ruins in the immediate vicinity of the Erie Canal, and then there’ll be one more zone I want to identify.  After that, I’ll be out of those zones . . .

I am truly stunned by these magnificent photos of gorgeous structures built with rudimentary technology and lasting over a century and a half.

Lock 56 Lyons double chamber built 1850


Lock 56 center island steps


Lock 60 Macedon looking eastward from the center island


Lock 59 Lockville Newark northwest chamber


Lock 58 Newark north chamber


Lock 53 Clyde northwest chamber entrance


All photos and captions come thanks to Bob Stopper, to whom I am indebted for being able to publish these.  For more photos on this area of the canal, click here.   For more historic photos but of the Barge Canal iteration of the waterway, click here.