F. Scott Fitzgerald said there were no second acts in American life . . . but as in this case, he was wrong about so many things.  We all have second and third acts, fourth and fifth lives.

Does anyone know the larger vessel below?  What’s barely legible on the bow is the name Maryland.  Photo was taken by Brian Hope between 1978 and 1984, and that info should make identification quite easy.  There’s a closer-up at the end of this post.


Unrelated . . . but another vessel, currently in the UK, has also gone through a series of lives.


Currently it’s on the Avon River near Bristol . . .  Its previous lives include the following

30-06-1916 Flora, Rotterdam;  18-11-1975 Zuiderzee, Urk; 1979/04/07 Zuiderzee, Enkhuizen; 22-08-1979 Zuiderzee, Steenbergen; 16-01-1980 Zuiderzee, Rotterdam; 1981/06/08 Zuiderzee, Maastricht; 1990/09/11 Gaby, Maastricht.  I’ve simplified the info a bit here;  the underlined words are towns of registry although in many cases the boat had multiple owners in the same town.


Her previous life as a small tug is evident in her lines.



Her current owner–Pete Totterdell–is looking for any more info and photos from her previous lives.  Further info from him:  “The boat was originally bought from Zaandam.  It has a Volvo Penta 117hp engine currently.  15m x 3.5m, Air draft 3m, depth draft 1.6m.  It was a was a working canal authority vessel.”


Parting shot . . . closer-up of Maryland, whose current life and mine may cross paths in exactly one week.


Thanks to Capt. Brian hope and Pete Totterdell for these photos.