Bravo on the almost immediate and many correct identifications of the hulk in yesterday’s post.

Here’s an undated photo of SS Normandie in the sixth boro passing an unidentified Dalzell (?) tug.


Photo from John Skelson . . . PT boat eastbound on the KVK.  Notice the onramp to the Bayonne Bridge in this and the next few photos.  Here’s a “hidden NJ” blogpost about Bayonne’s ELCO shipyard.  Here’s a list of vessels built there.


From the same location, another of John’s photos . . .  destroyer, Great Lakes dredge, spectators,


and Moran tugs.  Anyone add some info on the destroyer?


Recognize the bridge?  This photo–from the New York City Archives, as are all the the rest here– is identified as taken in January 1937.  Whaling City then was a fishing vessel.  A vessel by that name operates today as a fast ferry.


Notice 120 Wall Street.  This photo was taken January 1937 and shows F/V Charles B. Ashley.


Not much info on this next set . . . . a dredge from a century ago and


a survey vessel.


And finally . . . this may be the last of my black/white photos . . . the sign tells all about the attitude of the value of salt marshes a half century ago and before . . .


Thanks much to John Skelson for sharing his “family archives” photos, and if the fog over the sixth boro today has you staying indoors, go check out the New York City Municipal Archives online gallery.