I’ve long subscribed to the notion that getting there should be as thrilling as arriving, so  . . .  let’s continue the ride backward past this 1914 post  . . . to  . . . 1910.

Below . . . it’s the Statue cruise of the day loading where it does today.  Notice a roofed Castle Clinton–formerly fort, immigration center, music hall– in the background left.


NYC tug Manhattan . . . built 1874!  Now where do her bones lie?


Steamer Brighton assisted by New York Tugboat Company’s Geo. K. Kirkham.


Front and center here is Celt  (scroll through) , the yacht with many reinventions that now languishes in a creek west of Cincinnati, waiting for me . . .   There’s lots of intriguing traffic in the background.


Thomas Willett built in 1908 by Alex Miller of Jersey City for a fortune in the amount of $335,000.


And finally . . . a 1911 photo of a a vessel captioned as SS Momu . . . .  Tug and pier are also unidentified.  The logo on the stack should help someone.


That’s it for today.   I hope group sourcing can teach us more about these photos.