Doing research on some city-owned vessel. . . I stumbled onto this photo below dated September 1934.  Recognize the sledgehammer-wielding politician about to do some major reefing off the side of the boat?


Click here for more.  What do you make of the outfit and the wheelhouse here in the late 1940s photo?


And what’s about to be reefed off DPC-15 aka Brooklyn?


To get the caption on the photo below, click on the photo.  It appears city employees did a lot of ocean dumping back in those days.  DPC expands to Defense Plant Corporation, and it appears that DPC-15 herself–aka Brooklyn— was dumped into the ocean . . . well, reefed in 2001!


The NYC Visual Archives can entertain you for hours on a rainy day.  And back from the same time period, a film noir called Port of New York.

It turns out that tug Tilly, recently in the news here and elsewhere and currently unintentionally reefed was DPC-86.

Do check out the archives.  Now I’ guess I have to go to NYPL to find what I started out looking for.