Lots of images you can try to identify today, but I’ll hold any further info until tomorrow.

First . . .  this vessel will be visible and will be an interesting subject of photographs from many points along the Hudson next month,  February.  Clue:  Note the hull  color.


Unrelated to the top foto . . . any guesses about this and


and this from the same vessel and


this from the same fleet?   Both vessels are occasional visitors in the sixth boro.


And finally . . . from a secret salt, a foto easy to identify.  My question in whether there’s any news about this incident.


You’ll have some answers tomorrow.

Finally . . . here are some of my favorite ice pics on the Hudson taken a few years back by Paul Strubeck.

And here’s hat’s off to my Canadian cousins . . . if case you missed this late addition to yesterday’s post.