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Here was 16, and I’m asking again my questions about the last foto in that post . . . .

So here is this installment’s odds and ends.  First . . . in the second minute of Woody Allen’s 1979 movie Manhattan . . . there’s this clip.  Can anyone identify?


And . . . a foto taken not quite a thousand nautical miles from the sixth boro quite a while ago by a jaunty mariner who can’t be too careful . . . it’s LT-805 General Winfield Scott towing the IX-514 that later turned up in the sixth boro.  I’ve no idea if the HLT towed here remains local as of this writing.


And finally . . . another set from Seth Tane taken in New York harbor in the late 1970s/early 80s . . . it’s Harwich-built 1890s Thames sailing barge Ethel, 84′ loa.  According to former owner Capt. Neal E. Parker, the vessel, built originally as a linseed carrier and brought across the Atlantic for the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal, was haunted.   “She was fighting to die,” he said, and after an unsuccessful attempt as a charter vessel in downeast Maine, she returned to New London, where around 1992, she sank at the dock and waited happily to be dismembered and removed by a clamshell crane.


I’d love to hear more about Ethel from anyone who saw her back 30 years ago.


Oh . .  and that tugboat from the Woody Allen film . . . it’s A. J. McAllister, I believe.  Click here and here for previous film tug posts.

Thanks to Seth and the jaunty mariner for use of their fotos.

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