David Hindin alerted me when this voyage started on November 8 . . . departing San Francisco, sixth boro bound.  I’m very happy to share some folks fotos of Tradewinds Miss Lis‘ arrival at the Narrows this morning.   Many thanks to Peter Michael Patrick Codd, who sent the first two.


Here  . . . as seen from the Brooklyn side.


John Skelson caught these next ones.  Click here for larger versions on his Flickr photostream.



Note a new-to-NY assist tug here . . . Pelham.  I hope someone on Pelham got some good pics.


Many thanks to Peter and John for letting me share their fotos here.


And David . . . while I was driving my way back to NYC through central NJ, he got this record of the last mile of the voyage . . . image thanks to marinetraffic.com


This bargeload is support equipment for the herculean  (oops . . . that’s just a storm?) Left Coast Lifter now heading south from San Francisco to the Panama Canal to work on the Tappan Zee bridge project.    Here’s a link to Tappan Zee Constructors.