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Here was 24.

It’s T’day, and one of many things I’m thankful for is readers who write back and send fotos like these.

First foto, it’s Tilly!  Stephen Freer sent this from Key West, where he seeks investors to get this 1943 vessel built in the sixth boro operating as a tug co-operative using waste vegetable oil for off-grid island fishing and farming co-ops.  He plans to equip a work-barge  with cast-off engines, bikes, and equipment for solar/wind/organic.  Tilly‘s crew are co-op shareholders.  Stephen says there’s some urgency to get her out of her current location.  You could use this blog to get in touch with Stephen.


The next three come from Frank Garvey, who wants folks to see “his” pretty docks in  Port Jefferson.



It’s Resolute and Evening Star.


Next, thanks to Jim Browne, this foto from two months ago,  9/20/2013 at Point Lookout, NY, headed east in Reynolds Channel just west of Sea Dog Creek.  Jim says the people he works with are still pulling  tons of Sandy-debris per week, and will be doing so for some time to come.  I’d love to know more about this “pastel-yellow”  tug.  Pastel yellow?  Might I need my color-correcting lenses replaced?


And finally, from a Captain Nemo working the holiday, this foto yesterday of Fiesta Mail from Port Everglades.  I’d never heard of this Bahamas-Florida vessel, Tianjin China-built 2002.


Happy Thanksgiving to all, how ever you spend the day.  I’m grateful for the naked bird in my kitchen somewhere in size between a plucked hummingbird and a yanked ostrich.

Many thanks to Stephen, Frank, Jim, and Nemo for these fotos.

And finally, Wendell sends along a business site.

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