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Progress report, first from Vladimir Brezina, of Windagainstcurrent.  In Vlad’s words, “I did see Ceres, motoring down the Hudson past Stockport Middle Ground, where we were camping, just a few minutes fter sunrise yesterday (Monday). At first I couldn’t believe that it was Ceres—she wasn’t sailing (there was no wind, but wouldn’t a PROPER sailing barge just wait for the wind?) and making quite a racket for an eco-friendly boat… ”


At first Vlad feared they gotten out for fotos too late.  Here’s more on Stockport Middle Ground.


After these fotos were taken, Ceres stopped in Hudson.


The following fotos taken yesterday come from Michael Kalin, who writes,  “North Germantown Reach. My wife & I launched from North Germantown Landing 10AM, paddled to Catskill, around Rogers Island, ate lunch, went back, lost hope, took out, looked upriver one more time and there she was!”




Thanks much to Vlad and Michael for these fabulous fotos.

The next fotos of Ceres I hope show full-bellied sails!   Click here for more on VSFP.

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