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Aug 31.  A late summer day at the beach, where a new “towel drying rack” has been adopted and a bumper crop


of sand awaits the erosion of winter, perhaps?  All photos here taken by Barbara Barnard.


Sept 1.  A tug (Trevor?) moves a crane barge to where the “drying rack”/piping needs to be fished out for transport to the next job.


Sept 13.  The remaining pipe on the beach, no longer serving to dry swimmers’ towels, awaits dismantling and



allows for closer inspection.



This Rockaway series was of course motivated by Hurricane Sandy and the photos of Rockaway by my friend Barbara in the past 12 months.  Barbara, many thanks.   Here was my Nemo to Flag Day post, which started with a mystery house.

And now it looks like the Nola “make it right” rebuilding plan is coming to the Rockaways.  Click here for the design for “resilient house.”    Here’s an earlier article.

Click here for a project/business entirely created by the devastation of trees during the storm.  It’s not maritime, water,  or even specifically landthreshold related, but is quite interesting.

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