. . . well, only one day of it, and she’s been around for over 30,000 days.  These fotos, shared by Al Trojanowicz, were likely taken on July 4, 2000.  This date should be easy enough to verify, given the sailing vessel along the left side of the foto . . . Wavertree with sail bent on.  Anyone know the tug escorting her?


Bertha . . . tied alongside Harvey!   I’d first thought this was  near Chelsea Piers, but I’ve been corrected . . . it’s at the old fireboat house, Marine Co. 6, at the foot of Grand Street in Manhattan just south of the Williamsburg Bridge.  Thanks for the correction, Al.   Here’s a link to the fireboat locations in the 1960s.  And here are some great vintage fireboat fotos and info.


Bertha underway . . . with a hint of Wavertree on the far side of the NY Waterways vessel.


Might the tug in the distance be Pegasus?


And given the date, the Domino plant just beyond the Williamsburg Bridge might still have been in operation.


I hope to share more of Bertha‘s past, but the indiegogo fund raiser is critical for getting Bertha back into the water and sailing into the future.  Click on the “save Bertha” link upper left.

Many thanks to Al Trojanowicz for sharing these fotos.