Old Wine has to be one of the best vessel names ever!  Disclaimer . . . she does NOT carry beverage.  I’d love to see her come to the sixth boro, although  . . . I can imagine the temptation some would feel to alter the name-great as it is–by adding some letters.  Some ideas follow.  Seriously, I use this foto with permission of Antonio, a Spanish tug captain who visited the sixth boro for the tugboat race back in 2009 . . . scroll through to the end here.


Fairplayer . . . another great name from Colin in Cape Town.  I caught a Jumbo in the KVK about three years ago here.


Faust arriving in town might make one worry, although I saw no evidence of that.


Spruce 2 . . .


To play with Old Wine . . . well . . . add an R to the end.  Or add a S in front of the second word.  I’m sure you could do better.

Thanks to Antonio Alcaraz Arbelo for the first foto, Colin Syndercombe for the second.  The last two by Will Van Dorp.