What’s this . .  on tugster, a bit of sidewalk with some not yet busted stains better know as gum spots?  But look at the date and info on the black granite plaque below, one of 200 or so that commemorate past ticker tape parade along Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

It turns out that Capt. George Fried is honored on two of these medallions for two of these rescues.  Never heard of Capt George Fried?


Neither had I.  So here’s info on Capt Fried and more.  More on Fried, and still more with a quite flattering portrait.  Here’s a story on SS President Roosevelt and a short narrative of the rescue of  crew of the Antinoe.  From googlebooks, here’s a longer account of the rescue with art.   Here’s an account of the second rescue conducted by Fried and crew (See section “The Habitual Hero”), this time Fried as captain of SS America and the Italian vessel SS Florida.

Happy February 16.

Given a recent cruise ship  rescue . . . suppose there’ll be any ticker tape parades and plaques involved?