Click here to see fotos Barbara took from her apartment on three or so successive  days about three months ago—before, during, and after Sandy.

The next two fotos she took this morning–here of snow on top of post Sandy transformation– after our first significant 2013 winter storm in the sixth boro.  For outatowners,  Barbara’s apartment–on the beach–is within the limits of NYC.   In the sky, that’s a midmorning sun.


Double click enlarges:  on the rightside horizon, that’s the anchorage off Long Beach (NY) and vessels might include Nord Inspiration, Seoul Express, Kurohio Express, Crown Mina . . . and others.


Click on the foto below to see where I got it . . . but to me, Nemo is the guy who drove that vessel out of the imagination of Jules Verne and into mine a half century ago.


Barbara . . . thanks for the top two fotos, and as for the one of Nemo’s ride, you can make it your wallpaper as I made it mine.