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See the last foto in this post from a year and half ago.  In less than 48 hours, three people identified the tugboat and I acknowledged them here.

The 96-year-old tugboat below, Furie, was centerpiece of a Dutch TV show called Hollands Glorie from the late 1970s.  I once watched an episode of the show with my grandmother in the Netherlands.  Here’s a youtube–all in Dutch–that does a great job of showing the towing industry museum (Sleepvaartmuseum) in the town of Maassluis, where Furie is docked.  Foto comes thanks to Jan van der Doe.

So here’s my question:  recently on Netflix I watched a 1965 movie called Morituri .  . with Yul Brenner and Marlon Brando.  The following are screen grabs.  Anyone know where and using which vessels it was filmed?  I don’t.  This was supposedly port of Tokyo during WW2.  The cargo ship, representing an Axis-friendly freighter attempting to run the Allied blockade all the way to Vichy France, was called Ingo at the start and

Christina later in the movie.  Here a Japanese submarine approaches to transfer survivors of a torpedoed vessel to the freighter.  Note:  if you doubleclick on the foto above there’s a “W above a T” on the stack of the tug.  ??

This seems mighty obscure stuff, but who knows?  It was an okay movie, by the way.

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