Here was Highway, the first.  As I approach the end of my sixth year doing this blog, I’m looking to recycle/update some titles.

Many thanks to L’amica dalla torre . . .  , here are fotos of Margot just after having rounded the Battery on Tuesday.  Previous fotos of Margot can be seen here and here.

Margot‘s payload is a Metso paper machine . . . although I’m not entirely sure what its function is.

Here between the leaves still on trees after a leaf-stripping hurricane and piled up snow . . .   Margot passes the mouth of the Morris Canal, to the left of the clock.  Note that red crewboat over closer to the mouth?

Here’s a closerup foto.  I can guess ownership from the shade of red, but  . . . anyone know the name?

All fotos but the last one thanks to L’amica.