Thank a vet.  How many are there?  Answer follows.  But for me they are are a brother, a nephew, a cousin, some uncles, lots of friends and co-workers.  For you they might be the same or a sister, an aunt . . .  your boss.

Technically, this holiday has been around for 58 years;  before that, it was called  Armistice Day.

About the numbers . . . about 21 million, of which about 1.6 million are female.   Click here for more statistics.

But thanks for your service.  The sequence of fotos below I took a few years ago at the Staten Island Maritime Festival . . . at the salt pile.  I intend it with all respect:  the suit is a metaphor for military training, which transforms the trainee.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp. I took the top foto in Burlington, VT, but I could have taken it in eleven other locations.