Joan Turecamo and Charles D. McAllister . . . .  neck and neck like a team of horses, a combined package of 6100 horses’ power.

Meagan Ann . . .  always with her 2250 hp at work, like so many others.

Doris Moran . . . 4610 hp.

Lynx . . .  1830 hp  powering past the entrance to the Morris Canal.

Kimberly Poling . . . 3000 hp

McAllister Sisters (4000 hp) escorting in Atlantic Concert (about 27,000 hp).  Pegasus  (1900 hp)  in the background against a barge.

Joan solo.

Pati R. Moran (5100) and Miriam Moran  (3000)  in the distance assisting Hoechst Express (almost 49000 hp) out to sea.

Freddie K Miller (1500, I think) moving a debris scow out of the KVK.

Weddell Sea (4500) heading for the anchorage.

Which brings us back to the tandem that started off this post.

And that’s a lot of horses.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.