Foto below was taken on this date last year . . . October 30, 2011, the morning after last season’s ONLY significant snowfall in/around the sixth boro.

And a sad series here . . . alongside the red vessels John J. Harvey and lightship Frying Pan . . .   Bounty at Pier 66 Manhattan in late June 2009.  RIP Bounty and

those lost with her.

As of 0800 today, four cargo vessels cluster in the general vicinity of her sinking.  Coincidence?

In the large funnel area off the sixth boro, the seas are unusually empty.  Maersk Misaki continues to zigzag  (Is that called stemming in this case?)  as she has for the past 24 hours.

Around Manhattan, 0800 AIS also shows pilot boats and larger passenger vessels keeping out of harm’s way in the stream.

Ditto Upper Bay and Newark Bay and adjoining waterways.  No Staten Island ferries run at this time.

Updates when safely procured.   From the news . . . with all their errors, John B. Caddell ashore in one of my “offices.”   As I understand it, John B. Caddell has been idle on Staten Island since being sold foreign about two years ago.

Has anyone seen condition of Binghamton?  I just got this info/foto from Paul Strubeck.  Thanks, Paul.

Also, here’s bowsprite’s drawing of Bounty from three years back.