The sixth boro is the watery parts of what Mark Kurlansky calls the big oyster.  I try to share some insides of the big oyster most of the time in this blog.

But today you have a rare look inside the pearl,

Atlantic Pearl . . . ex-Pelican Arrow.

Rust was not the first thing I’d imagine I’d see inside the hold,

but shredded, uncoated ferrous metals in a moist environment . . .

yield rust.   She moved into Port Newark this morning escorted by Miriam Moran and Catherine Turecamo.

I’d like to know how often this pool is filled . . . .  Today was warm enough in the sixth boro to make a rust-removing soak seem welcoming.

Fotos get taken with the Bayonne Bridge in the background.

Bergen Point gets negotiated and

she moves into Port Newark byond these two Maersk box ships, Malacca and another . ..

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who had no idea he’d look into a pearl today.