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In Utah a few weeks ago, I saw a deer, recently dead . . . judging by the redness of some remaining tissue, but scavengers like ravens and coyotes had mostly picked clean its intact ribcage, which itself would soon be hauled away in sections by the larger beasts.  Binghamton, the 1905 ferry, is dead.

Riverwater ravens and coyotes have been picking her clean but ever so slowly. I took the next three fotos last October, 2011.

Here’s a post I did with interior shots, including this

elegant staircase leading up to the bar.

Fast forward 10 months:  Sally Seymour took these fotos late last week as they traveled downriver in the rain.

The river has been scavenging, but

ever so slowly, as if to say . . . I know some of this beauty could be saved but  it

just “aint gonna happen.”

If one option is letting the vessel disintegrate and travel downriver piecemeal, then I hope a huge machine gets in here and devours it in a day BUT invites me in to take fotos of each bite.

But oh . . .  that bar!!

Fotos 5, 6, and 7 by Sally Seymour.  All others by Will Van Dorp.  And thanks to Walter Stevens for sending this background article along . .  published early December 2011.

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