I haven’t seen much float these days, although water–current like this part of the Colorado or ancient/gone /imagined –is here.

Imagine the water that carved out this canyon north of  Moab.

The bed of a dried-up sea might look like this, with

swash marks left by the receding tide.

The names in a place like Arches reflect the preoccupations and experience of the namer.  So for fun . .  . I’ve been renaming features . . . like the Martian Iceberg at sunrise,

Scupper Arch,

Tattooed  Belly . . . .

Named per existing map or your own imagination . . .  the beauty entrances.  I’ll probably re-read Desert Solitaire once I leave here and break free of the spell.  Check the book out if you’re interested.

Otherwise . . . you might read this commentary.  Sorry I can’t translate.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.