Departure from the sixth boro showed the usual Bayonne Bridge and cranes BUT from a new perspective.

David and John . . . you are right in guessing one of those locations to be the Great Salt Lake.  More on that amazing sea later, but this is what paddling out of the cove at Gonzo’s Boat Rentals and Tours looks like.  Here’s an article about Dave Ghizzone’s rentals.

It’s stunningly beautiful, and what I’d heard about the smell on the water and flies . . . not true.  More on the lake later.

After a brisk paddle, I put my shorts in the sun to dry, and they were soon quite starched . . . er  . . salted!

This was taken from a high point on Antelope Island looking south.

A few hours to the north and slightly to the west, this marked an area near Arco, ID, within the public part of the INL.  If Nevada has its area 51, this place felt like Idaho’s answer, an area 52 if you will.

That’s just a cloud above Big Southern Butte, within this area, but the ground here

flowed at one point, like a giant superhot sea.  Now . . . what is the LAST thing you’d expect to find here?

If you said a tugboat, you’d have been close.  But this was surprising.    Read the numbers and signs all around.

SSN-666 was called Hawksbill, but I like the faded nickname painted here . .  . submarine of the desert.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.