Today was the fifth NYC City of Water Day, and today offered a demonstration of the blessing of water.

At 1610, someone on the NYWaterways vessel, where I was narrating a tour,  noticed smoke coming from Pier 17, lots of it.

By 1611, Shark, owned by NY Water Taxi & Circle Line downtown,  appeared to be first

responder, albeit with a low water volume relative to what was needed.

Flames grew inside the pier by 1611.

Here’s 1612.  There seem to be quite a number of people not that far from the flames.

By 1612, Bravest had arrived on the scene.

as flames grew.

1613, she begins to maneuver into position and

directs her monitors on the fire.

Bravo to the Bravest.  Bravo Marine Company 6 . . .

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.   Here’s an early evening update from the NYTimes.