You’d think by now I’ve walked every inch of walkable sixth boro margins,  so shame on me for not discovering this park til this morning, and quite by accident at that.  All fotos here (except one) are taken from this pier. Double clicks enlarges most.  Manhattan lies in the distance to the left, and silvery rays and dots

are embedded into the pier, and these rays carry info, references

to faraway places all

accessible from the waters of  the sixth boro.

This foto was taken about 100 yards south of the pier . . . before I knew the pier was open.

This fleet has the best marine logo art.  Here and  here are others of their fleet.

Wanderlust gets me to places like this . . . where ships from distant places bear names–like OOCL Netherlands, below–of faraway lands.

I’m guessing Makita is named for the Baltic town and not the Japanese power tool, but  . . .?

Invisible behind Port Stewart is Orinoco Star . . . and most of the rest of the planet.   That’s the ubiquitous Ellen McAllister headed off right.

And here’s the plaque.  If you’re local, check this pier out.  I’ll be back.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, before 0830 this morning.

Eddystone Light, in foto 2, I associate with this shanty.