I’ve never seen or heard of Sam M before.  Anyone know what she’s doing in the boro?

Dramatic as this is . . . a few seconds earlier was even better .  . . that’s Maersk Montana.

Guesses on the tugboat on Eagle Beaumont‘s port bow?

The tug is not unusual in itself, but that it’s doing assist

work  . .. is something I’ve never seen.  Yes, there’s a line there connecting Stephen Scott to the tanker.

Maybe all other “assistants” were engaged elsewhere?

Charles D. McAllister solo was assisting British Harmony away from

the dock and retrieving the pilot.

The waters of the KVK seemed to call beckon me so strongly to come swim that I had to leave.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who wonders what became of Yemitzis.

And if you have an appetite for an youtube hour of Dutch tugboats in the rivertown of Maassluis . .  click here.