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OOps!  I used “star”  title already back five years back.

Some of you can read the name of the black mystery vessel;  the one off its stern appeared in this blog at least as early as August 2007.  Today’s McAllister Responder was one of triplets delivered in 1967 to Esso Shipping.  See her here in Exxon colors; actually as you scroll through, be aware that the sixth foto down is filched from this blog . . . Auke!!?@#.

Assisting in this job is another of the triplets, Charles D. McAllister.  Here are Auke Visser “compiled” fotos of her way back.  Any guesses yet what the mystery ship is?

A clue is that the larger vessel is black like bitumen

because that’s what it transports.

Yesterday she was sashayed away from the dock for

the anchorage a lot

lighter, I suppose, than when she arrived.  I guess that makes

her an  . . . emerging star?  Summer is “road work season” here, so I’m guessing that’s the ultimate use for her trade.

A rising Asphalt Star, at least until it takes on its

next cargo.  Excuse this one, but if I watch her on AIS, does that make her

a star of the little screen?    The real stars here are the crews, as today is the Day of the Seafarer.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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