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Yesterday’s mystery location was the Italian port of Gaeta, which happens to be homeport for the Sixth Fleet.  Kudos to Jim for guessing in in comments;  yes . ..  others of you ID’d it via email and thanks.  The tugs shown there belong to the “rimorchiatori napoletani” fleet  (Salvage Tug San Cataldo (1986), 32,41×8,60×4,25, 3.090 HP/KW ;   Salvage Tug Tarentum (1985), 32,41×8,60×4.25, 2.205 HP/KW;   Salvage Tug Vesuvio (1983).  Here’s the link but you have to scroll most of the way through to find it.   Many thanks again to Maureen for passing the fotos along.  Actually I should have called yesterday’s post .  ..  “non-boro tugs 4” but  . . . I didn’t think of it then and I’m leaving it.

Fotos below–with the unique “house”–come compliments of Seth Tane, former resident of the sixth boro on NYC.  Guess the location?

Here’s a close-up.  This tug/trailer reminds me of Dutch barges with the captain’s automobile carried on deck, as seen in this and this post from a little over a year ago. .

Thanks much to Seth Tane for these fotos.

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