Many thanks to Birk Thomas for these fotos.   I find this a case of beauty that’s often there but mostly unappreciated because it’s a scene just not frequently or easily seen.  Here was non-boro tugs 2.

The tug and barge are clearing US customs re-entering the US off New London on a run homeward from Halifax.

The barge–which had transported power plant components from the Mississippi to Halifax–was clearly light.  For a view of Gulf Cajun and the loaded barge arriving in Halifax, check Tugfax site here.    From Halifax, the cargo will move to a Vale nickel-processingproject in Newfoundland.

Here she is, Gulf Cajun, 1976, 5600 hp, and as chance would

have it, even tonight, she’s off Atlantic City, leaving Long Island to port.   Although these fotos show her a creature of the deep blue sea, in many ways she resembles Atlantic Salvor, currently shuttling sixth boro dredge spoils out of the harbor channels.

Birk, thanks for these and other fotos.  I use Birk’s site here a lot.