I feel like a box jellyfish today;  they have more than a dozen eyes.  Now imagine they all focus on something different and the box jellyfish brain can’t resolve the sensory data, and you’ll appreciate my failure to gel a story here.

Egret follows Hayward.

Hornblower Hybrid adds a stabilizer sail?

Like me?  Like you?

Prep for the next leg/

last leg of the race, which

looked more like a parade in the Upper Bay?

Bonnie Sue makes a splash.

And is this the current newest vessel in the sixth boro?  It’s the last one on this list.

And thanks again to Kaya’s iPhone . . .  it’s Enterprise’s last “in air” for a while.


Any guesses on the location?  Answer soon.   It’s NOT in the sixth boro.

All but the last and third from last fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Thanks to Kaya for the Enterprise foto and my daughter for the last foto.