You’ve heard about Flat Stanley and Carmen Santiago?    So, let’s play . . . errant ferry, Staten Island ferry (SIf) in particular.  We’ve seen a SIF here, here, and here . ..  so thanks to Birk Thomas, enjoy these new installments.   Where is this?

Well  . . .  the location is the Chesapeake, and the answer is not really that vessel had chosen to go way offcourse;  rather, it’s that maintenance is done in Norfolk,  the result of bidding, I suppose.   And that’s Colleen McAllister doing the tow.   No matter how capacious the SIf’s appear when you are onboard, they seem to shrink

when juxtaposed with other traffic in the sixth boro.  Thanks to John Watson for this foto of a busy harbor;  foreground ACL is unidentified and the cruise ship is Crystal Serenity.

Thanks to Birk and John.  And now, I’m heading out to get re-acquainted with the sixth boro myself.    Remember . . . to vote for Pegasus/79 daily AND if you see an errant SIf, please snap a foto or several.