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Foto and alert thanks to John Watson, as are the first three fotos of this post.  Genuine Ace arrived here this weekend after having been launched just six weeks ago.  Given that it’s a PCTC, I’ll bet it really has that “new car” smell.  To see where this design is headed, click here .  . lower right.

I’d seen QM2 bunkering a few hours before, but John caught it headed out . . . currently on a flat Atlantic for Hamburg.

Short sea shipping continues in the sixth boro, here with Doris Moran barging containers.  To see where this might be headed . .  now that American Feeder Lines is changing their game, click here . . .   Unrelated, look into the mid-distance and the long-necked tug at the end of the GMD Bayonne pier . . . a K-Sea tug repainted?

Well, here’s how I caught Taurus Friday afternoon!!!

It’ll take some getting used to, but that’s life . . . all getting used to . . .

which is precisely my challenge here . . .   although if you go back to the link just above Doris Moran, the sketch of the tug looks just like Discovery Coast.  By the way, anyone upriver know where Discovery is hauling the dredge spoils from?

Thanks much to John Watson for the top three fotos.  All others by Will Van Dorp, who is on the cusp of having more free time.  That’s the Newport lighthouse in Jersey City creating an additional “jar” to an already “jarristic” set of patterns.

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