Dawn yesterday Rowan approaches the McAllister dock after a + 1500-mile tow of Patrice from Lake Ontario.   I suspect that even if you didn’t know Patrice‘ story,  you’d feel the pain.  In many places and times, white is/has been the color of mourning and

rebirth.  The colors and light here evoked thoughts of resurrection . . . as I stood in a little cove yesterday;  structures in the background are in Port Elizabeth.

I offer these fotos of Patrice  out of respect for the loss.

Meanwhile, the foto from yesterday shows unnamed vessels lying in the port of Ushuaia (end of the world, beginning of everything), over 6500 miles south of the sixth boro.   Latitude number for Ushuaia is 54 degrees south;  Copenhagen is 55 degrees north.

Distance from Ushuaia to Cape Horn is less than 100 miles.   Again, thanks to Ben Orlove who took this foto from Le Boreal.